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Now You Can Have Clear And Sharp Hearing Again!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have crystal-clear hearing again? The good news is: you can! If you are constantly annoyed with less than clear hearing, then this natural breakthrough formula is guaranteed to bring you relief!

Never again will you have a restless night of sleep. Never again will you be haunted or frustrated by NOT hearing clearly when someone is talking to you. And never again will you have to deal with age-related hearing loss!

Finally A Hearing Formula That Really Works!
TruHear Delivers Over 20 Powerful Hearing Helping Nutrients!

If you’re like the millions who suffer everyday with a lack of hearing clearly, then good news is here! Like most folks, you’ve probably tried everything possible to make your age-related hearing problems go away, with little success. Most often none of those previous remedies even put a dent in eliminating your age-related hearing problems.

Well, that’s all going to change now! A natural breakthrough in age-related hearing health relief, called TruHear, is now being claimed as the next major advancement in ear care.

This specially designed formula is able to increase blood circulation, reinforce nutrition to the inner ear, protect hearing cells from radical damage, sharpen auditory sensitivity, and support hearing clarity.

Within weeks of trying TruHear you’ll once again be able to sleep through the night…eliminate the constant anxiety…boost mental alertness…and feel happier, calmer, and more relaxed than ever before!


Order 2 or more bottles of TruHear and receive this FREE amazing book on age-related hearing loss. Improve your hearing and start enjoying life again!



Dr. Rosenberg on TruHear

Mark Rosenberg, M.D. “As doctors, we can easily remedy many medical conditions. But when it comes to natural hearing decline, we can sometimes be uncertain when it comes to offering remedies or advanced hearing vitamin formulas. TruHear is the most important breakthrough I’ve ever seen. It will give your ears the extra protection and help to naturally improve your age-related hearing loss.”



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4.25out of 5

4 reviews for TruHear

  1. 3 out of 5

    Victor H. – Jan 22nd 2014:

    Due to my damaged hearing. I ordered – TruHear Supplement, from you some times ago. I have just finished 4th container of the product and will be starting with the 5th one. My hearing has bit improved. It is really hard to say. I hope – after the last – 6th container my hearing will be better.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Arie M. – Jan 23rd 2014:

    Vitalmax Vitamins are much more better compared to some other vitamins producers as far as my experience on them, more especially the vision are and sexual health and also women’s health. Thank you well in advance.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Kathi B. – Feb 20th 2014:

    So far, so good… The delivery of the TruHear was efficient as was the purchase. I have taken it for a month now and I do believe it is improving my hearing to a slight extent. I am looking forward to continued improvement and to the relief from the high pitched buzzing…more like the test pattern on the TV…and sometimes (rarely, thankfully) that loud. I appreciate the good information shared about the product.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Valerie D. – Apr 3rd 2014:

    All Products from VitalMax are very good.

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