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For The Easiest Shave of Your Life!

Never A Nick or Cut With "Miracle" Shaving Oil!

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Miracle Shave

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If you have ever experienced the constant nicking and cutting of a razor blade… it will be the last time! This clear and lather-free oil solution — works like magic!

Miracle Shave Is The Next Generation Of Shaving Solutions!

Its success comes from a 100% all-natural proprietary blend of the highest quality essential oils in a base of hybrid vegetable oils.

Miracle Shave was designed by Jay Brachfeld, M.D. to penetrate your skin, cleanse your pores, soften your follicles and moisturize your skin while you’re shaving.

Once you’ve used Dr. Jay’s Miracle Shave you’ll never touch another shaving cream, soap, or gel. You’ll experience the sheer pleasure and comfort that you thought were never possible when shaving.

We guarantee that your blade will glide across your face without leaving even the smallest nick.

So for that perfect shave and a younger looking complexion try Miracle Shave today and see the difference for yourself.

Dr. Brachfeld on Miracle Shave

Jay Brachfeld M.D.  “Like most men I too have a very tough beard. And the thought of having to spend over twenty minutes to shave my face each morning turns an easy hygienic process into a regrettable chore!

As with most doctors our days start early and I knew there had to be a better and quicker way to shave. Then one day I was attending a medical conference and met a colleague who was discussing the many benefits of shaving oils and its uses on the skin. It was a “Eureka” moment for me and the beginning of the end to frustrating shaving days!”

Note: Within in the first application of Miracle Shave you’ll experience the sheer pleasure and comfort of shaving.

Note:  Miracle Shave works for men and women. It works on any part of the body needing hair removal by shaving. Guaranteed to have your blade gliding across your skin without leaving even the smallest nick.



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Miracle Shave


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