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EasyShipEASY SHIP… The Most Convenient Way To Get Your Vitamins!

The Lowest Prices Ever! FREE Shipping All The Time!

Never worry about running out of your favorite supplements again. Your online vitamin order will be automatically shipped just in time to your door. No more phone calls… No order forms… No effort!

SAVE MONEY!… PLUS — Get All These Benefits for FREE:

  1. Free Shipping & Handling On Every Vitamin Shipment!
    This will save you over $83 a year alone!
  2. Lock In The Price!
    You’ll get the same price for the full year. No increases, No shipping cost… No handling fee!
  3. Never Run Out!
    You’ll never need to think about reordering again. Your shipment arrives automatically at your door. And this way you can have a fresh supply when you need it!
  4. Cancel Any Time!
    No worries… no hassles… no questions. Just tell us when to stop. It’s that easy! We charge your credit card as we ship your order, not before.
  5. The Best Way To Save $$$
    There is no extra charge for this service! Not only do you SAVE on S&H throughout the year… But you get the best prices with EASY SHIP!
  6. Guaranteed To Please!
    Like all of our products, you are guaranteed up to 60 days with EASY SHIP! If you are not pleased just send back the unused bottles and we will cancel your EASY SHIP and refund your purchase price for that monthly delivery!
  7. Customer Service!
    Our friendly customer service staff is here to make this option EASY! If you have any questions about this service or would like to make changes to the schedule please call them for additional assistance.

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